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How do we get into ruts?  How do we get out of them?  Ruts look different for everyone.  For me right now my routine is, sleep until the very last minute (7ish), rush the boys to school, rush home, jump to work, watch some TV middle of the day so my mind will stop for just a second, pick the boys up from school, rush back home, work some more, take them to practice, run some errands, pick them up, eat dinner, fall onto the couch exhausted but mind racing (again), watch tv, fall asleep, wake up about midnight when Frank comes home, hopefully go to bed and go straight to sleep about 1am; most nights when I go to bed at 1am, I am extremely tired but I can’t get my mind to stop thinking so I can sleep. Notice all the adjectives or action words that equate “BUSY”.

Flashback to a couple of months ago, I was given a new client.  Well because things had gone so well, that client turned into 2 new clients.  I took it as a blessing because I know it was.  This is when the enemy started plotting.  In July, I started not sleeping.  I would get an hour or two a night and then my mind would race.  It would go all over the place like “I need to read more”, “I need to get my school back in order”,  “oh ya, I forgot to send that email”, “______ bill is coming due, need to make sure we have the money for that”, “I need to write”, “The house is a mess, when can I clean it”, “I need to exercise more, I wonder when I can fit that in”, “Did I shower today”, “Am I spending enough time listening to the boys”….and it would go on.  I tried everything from reading to watching TV to taking “PM” meds….did not work.  So I came up with another way to stop it…if you can’t beat them join them, right?  Well, working seemed to stop my worries about forgetting to take care of whatever issue was at hand. So, I would go work or watch TV.  I worked some nights/mornings until 3 or 4, get some (hour or 2) sleep and go at it again.  By the end of July, I was exhausted.  August rolls around and all I really want to do is sleep but my mind is still going so I don’t sleep but my eyes can’t take the computer screen or reading.  So what do I do, I lay on the couch watching/listening to TV until I fall asleep from just sheer exhaustion.

I knew it was a trap when the not sleeping started but I didn’t listen to that still small voice, God’s voice, fore warning me about it.  I thought I knew better.  I kept telling myself, “oh, I got this”, “I can control this and it won’t get me off course”.  HA, that’s a laugh.  The enemy loves to keep use “busy” because then we are too “busy” to do what we are called to do.  He loves to exhaust us.  Even knowing it was a trap didn’t stop me from being derailed.

How does this relate to a rut? Well, it all started innocently enough and now I am in a rut.  I am spinning my tires and going nowhere.  I’m not slinging mud but I’m sure not getting anywhere fast.  I just keep digging a hole and it gets messier and messier.  I should be reading my bible and spending alone time with God every day but because my mind is being kept “busy”, I’m not doing that.  A rut for me is doing the same thing day in and day out but not making any progress towards the goals I have set in my life or the purpose God has called me to.

How do I plan to get out of this rut?  I am going to do what the enemy does not want me to do…I am going to change my routine.  Experts say it takes 21 days to form a habit so one would think that it also takes 21 days to break a habit.  Well, my habit has been to hit the snooze button and sleep in.  Starting today, I am not sleeping in.  I am going to get up and get my alone time with God.  I am going to go back to reading my bible every day and letting God speak to me through His word.  I am going to get my prayer list back out and spend time praying for those around me that God has convicted me to pray for.  The enemy wants to stop my writing because not only does writing keep me free but it is helping others get free.  As long as I am calling him out and speaking the truth then he can’t work on my mind or others minds.  I stopped writing when I stopped spending time with God.  God didn’t go anywhere, He didn’t change…. I DID. So, I’m going to change it back.  I am taking my life back.  I am going to cut out TV in the middle of the day and insert my bible.  I am going to cut out TV at 10pm and insert my prayer list, i.e. prayer time.  After 21 days, my rut should be gone and I should be back moving forward. I can bet you that the enemy will beg me to go to sleep because he doesn’t want me to do those things.

Many have said it and I believed it before and I believe it now…. “If you are not being attacked by the enemy of our souls, then you aren’t much of a threat to him.”  I could put a name behind that quote but I have heard it from so many that I’m not sure who to quote.  It is so true.  Satan attacks all the time but if he is laying off you, then you need to check your spirit and make sure you are doing what God has called you to do and not what you want to do or what “feels good”.

Did you finding yourself in a “rut”?  Is what you are doing lined up with what God wants for your life?  Are there some things you can remove from your daily routine that will allow you more alone time with God?  What does your “rut” look like?  How are you planning on getting out of your rut?

Let me encourage you today in that you can break out of any “rut”.  God will always be there with a helping hand to help pick you up out of it.  You have to be the one to make the first step and DECIDE to stop and let Him work.

Please let me hear your comments.  If you want prayer over anything in your life, please email me.

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