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Obedience in the Dry Season

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Job experienced the one of the driest times ever.  God tested him.  Satan tested him.  Shoot even his friends were like “Job hang it up, God has left you.”.  They just constantly reminded him of all the bad, terrible situations that had happened to him and around him.  Telling him that his God isn’t real, isn’t just, and on and on.

Have you ever been around people like that?  You are believing for a miracle or a big move of God in your life (or someone you love, their life) and your so called “friends” are telling you that “It’s not going to happen.”,  “Give it up.”,  “Don’t pray like that, God isn’t listening to you anyway.”.  That’s when we need to ramp up our prayer life and remind them just who they are dealing with.  See in the end, God dealt with Jobs friends and will deal with ours accordingly too.

Job continued to honor God.  Even though he questioned God, God still gave Job a chance to repent and be forgiven.  When Job repented and did according to what God wanted him to do, God blessed Job with even more than what he had before.  It was Job’s obedience even after all the tests and dry seasons that God honored.  God told Job to pray over his friends who had not been faithful to God and the Bible says that when Job prayed for them, he was blessed. “And the Lord restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends.”  Job 42:10  He not only gave back to Job what he lost but gave him back twice as much. “Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.”  Job 42:10

We all experience dry seasons.  I feel like I have been in a dry season for 2 months now.  God didn’t go anywhere, I just became too comfortable.  I still experienced blessings from God for which I thanked Him but I didn’t keep up my quiet time with Him.  I still prayed, just not like I had been.  Let me remind you that it is hard to hear from God if you don’t quiet yourself and your “friends”.  We can not hear God if our mouths are open.  Prayer time is great and yes I hear God in those times but I have to be quiet and stop talking for my ears to hear Him.  It was the start of my “dry season” that lead me to study out Job.  I have heard the stories all my life and I have read the book several times.  I had never read the book and things come to light like they have this last time.  I have had this fear of God taking away all that He has given my family.  I know where this fear came from but it was real none the less.  So I started studying Job because I know of no one in the Bible that has lost more than Job.  It was in the end when I read and understood that it was Job’s obedience in the dry season and during the trials/tests of life that God honored most.  Job could have been the person that turned from God and said that God was torturing him.  Instead, Job kept honoring God.  When he had nothing, no friends, no family, was ill, lost all his possessions, even then he never spoke ill of God.

So I ask you, are you going through a dry season?  Are you being obedient or are you like Job’s friends?

So like I said in my last post, I am getting back to my quiet time with God and getting back to my prayer time like before.  I would encourage you that if you do not have some time set aside to get quiet with God, you need to do it.  If you do not have a prayer life, get one. I asked my grandmother one day why she stopped saying “Amen” at the end of her prayers, she quickly responded with “Because I’m not done!”.  She was brazen in her prayers and her prayer time lasted almost all day.  She prayed off and on all day.  Her floors were worn with prayer.  She didn’t just pray in her bed, she prayed at the sink, in the bath tub, or my favorite she would walk the floors praying.  She didn’t care who heard her or who might have been offended by her doing it.  She knew God was always on her side and was always her savior.  I strive to have a prayer life like she did.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.  If you need prayer or want to talk more about a prayer life or how to shake your dry season, email me.

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