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Invitation Waiting

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The invitation is waiting….

So let me set the stage for how this came to me.  It is a time of prayer and fasting at church.  As a family, the boys and I have given up social media, television, almost all electronics; in an effort to remove distractions.  So if I’m not reading the Bible, I have been listening to sermons from our church and a couple of others I follow.  In the last few months, I have been silent in my writings and if you have followed me, you know that I have dealt with not being motivated and exhaustion.  God was speaking but I wasn’t tuned in, but I can say I am now.  So here I sit today with a migraine.  I haven’t worked much today as just the glare of the screen hurts.  So I have laid in bed listening to past sermons, I’ve read a little and I’ve prayed a lot.  I have been asking God why he has been silent.  What do I have to do to get Him to speak to me again.  I’ve been thinking about the days when He would give me articles to write, almost daily or multiple a day.  I get silence.  So, I grab my laptop to check my work email but my personal email was up and I see at a glance the subject to one of the ad email is “your invitation is waiting”.  It wasn’t but a split second, I heard “My invitation has always been waiting.  I wait for my people all the time. I am still waiting.”  I knew then who was talking to me.  I began to weep.  See I had to be in a place of complete silence, wrapped up in His presence, quietly; no one around, no distractions to hear Him.  All I have wanted to do today is pray;  I got up that way.  I feel like that is all my day should consist of.

As I cry, I know that God is still waiting.  Waiting for me to answer back and say “YES”.  “Yes, I will come.”  “Yes, I will follow you.”  “Yes, I will lead and not follow.”  “Yes, I will pick up my mat and go again.”  “Yes, I will do my best to not fall.”  He is also waiting on you.

God’s invitation is waiting.  He is knocking on our hearts daily.  He wants to invite us to the party of a lifetime.  All we have to do to answer His invitation is invite Him in to our hearts, open that door.  If you don’t know how to do that or want someone to do that with you, contact me…I will help you.  How long are we going to resist Him?  How long are we going to sit through a church service, feel that tug on our heart, or open up and cry during worship before we decide?

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I have said it before and I’ll say it again….God didn’t go anywhere, it is us who have walked away from Him.  He is still right there waiting for each of us to answer His call, answer His invitation.  What is your decision today?

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