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Mighty Women of God – Hannah

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The story of Hannah can be found in 1 Samuel 1 & 2.

Hannah’s Backstory:

She was one of Elkanah’s 2 wives and he loved Hannah dearly.  At the beginning of this story, the other wife (Peninnah) had all the children.  Year after year, Hannah would take her sacrifice to the Lord and pray for a son.  Year after year, no answer, no pregnancy, nothing.  One year, Hannah did everything she knew to do, she even made a vow (promise) to the Lord.  She promised that if He would give her a son, she would return him to the Lord or “commit him to the Lord God all the days of his life”.  It came to pass and she became pregnant.  When Samuel was weaned she took him with their sacrifice and left him in the temple with Eli.  God honored her obedience and gave her 3 more sons and 2 daughters.

What makes her mighty?

Well, first her faith in God.  No matter what battles she faced, she still believed that He would see her through, that He would give her a child.  When she prayed the last time before Samuel was conceived, it was like she was all in.  The way I picture it is she was on her knees in total surrender to God.  She was totally committed. She was not leaving until God answered her.  In her mind it was between her and God and she wasn’t coming out until something changed.  Even Eli, the priest, thought she was drunk.

She was obedient during her dry season.  Even when there seemed to be no hope.  Even when everything looked bad.  Even when she didn’t get so much of a whisper from God.  Hannah remained faithful and obedient.  The Bible said year after year she went with her husband and gave their sacrifice.  Her husband gave her a double portion.  She never wavered.

She kept her promise/vow.  It would have been extremely hard for me to let go of that child after waiting years for him.  Hannah did what she promised to do and she did so without hesitation.  God honored her for it, too.

She remained faithful to her husband.  The story in the Bible makes it sound like Peninnah taunted Hannah about not having any children.  I believe it would have been really hard to remain in that relationship and feel less than every day.  Not to mention the  “other” wife rubbing it in my face that she could provide for him and I couldn’t.  Let me tell you, her and I would be taking a walk together.  We would have come to some understanding.  The Bible doesn’t say anything about Hannah responding like that.  It sounds like Hannah handled the situation with grace and patience.

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Things to Ponder:

When was the last time you were on your knees for your dreams, wishes, prayer requests, etc?

When you pray, are you totally committed or do you just pray hoping God hears you and answers you?

Have you made a promise to God?  Did you keep that promise after He answered your prayer?

Think about your marriage, is it this hard?  Has it fallen on hard times and you are ready to hang it up, call it quits?

When was the last time you made such a sacrifice for something you believed in or wanted so badly?

If faced with this situation, would you handle it with grace and patience or would you become frustrated with God?  I am sure Hannah was frustrated but she never gave up hope.


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