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I am in week 3 of the “Esther – It’s Tough Being A Woman” Bible Study by Beth Moore.  A side note – it is so good, it’s an older one but I can see myself revisiting this over and over again.  Anyway, part of the lesson for yesterday was to read John 8:44.  I didn’t recall this  scripture as one that I have “stood” on or believed hard for something over or even that I ever heard my grandmother mention so I was curious what I would find. A little backstory, I have been using my YouVersion app for several years now so there are A LOT of scriptures that are highlighted, I’ve made notes on, etc.  To my surprise when I got to John 8:44, I read it and nothing jumped.  The point of this scripture in the Bible study was to explain that the enemies native language is LIES.  I thought “ya, I know that…. I believe that….no big revelation”.  Almost immediately my eyes wondered up to a scripture that I was SHOCKED was NOT highlighted.  Now this next scripture, I have prayed over, prayed with, stood on, believed on, buried in my soul; I have heard my grandmother, my pastor, and the list is long of who all talks about & uses this scripture…so when I say I was shocked, like my socks were blown off shocked.  I say all that to show that I am very intimate with this scripture….and even last night something new just POPPED!  My eyes wondered to John 8:38 – “If the Son sets you free you are free INDEED”.  The bible study this day is built to hit home how satan’s plans are not successful, have never and will never be successful.  The enemy hits us with little lies as whispers in our ears and if we are not careful we buy into those lies, and this is just where he begins (the little crack in the window).  So God used this piece of scripture to tell me….”Jamie, BE FREE”.

Now, let me back up just a tad….to fall/winter of  2019.  I dealt with some pretty dark & scary thoughts, emotions, feelings and FEAR.  I’m not talking about fear as in I’m scared for my life but this fear was just as real and just as debilitating.  One client at work had become very demanding and for whatever reason I had bought into satan’s lie that if I failed with this client, I would lose my job, I would be a failure, blah blah blah.  I had allowed the enemy to spin my mind into some pretty dark places.  Turns out by the end of the 2019, I did lost the client BUT I still had my job and God had a plan…He was my protector.   He was not caught by surprise. Even though I had not done anything to deserve it.  There wasn’t one “good deed” that I had done that warranted God rescuing me, however that didn’t matter.  When I started 2020, it was literally like closing a book (2019 was gone) and opening a new one with blank pages (2020…brand new start).  And I had found peace with myself and FEAR had to leave.  So fast forward to just this past week and those whispers have started again. In the last few days, I have stood in front of my bathroom mirror and told myself “not today junior”, “don’t believe those whispers, this is 2020 we don’t believe that anymore”, “we aren’t going there”, “we have 2020 vision, which is forward vision, we aren’t going/looking back”…. along with kicking the enemy out of my mind.  So when this scripture popped up, it was a great reminder and a kick in the tail to “BE FREE” and do not fall into that trap again.  It was God reminding me that He is still there and still in control, has been in control and will not relinquish control.

Come back to the bible study and fast forward a page… I don’t know if Beth Moore intended this or not but this came alive for me on just the next page of the Bible study book.  She states “When all is said and done, satan can’t win and you can’t lose.”  I have heard something similar to this numerous times but for some reason this came in highlight, bold, and flashing lights to me…just laugh because I did.  She then goes on to ask, “Do those words mean anything special to you? If so, what?”  I wrote “Only we can destroy ourselves by listening to the enemies LIES.  That’s when we lose.”  Please know that I face this fear of failure every day but I MUST overcome it daily.  As I am moving on down the page of the Bible study, God plants these words on my heart and they burn just a little….  (I put them separate to help them sink in for anyone/everyone else).

God & satan are NOT equal.  The enemy is relentless.  He never surrenders.  He has failed for CENTURIES.  He has played the same cards for centuries and loses every time.  Why do we believe his lies?  Why do we fall for this trap?  WHY aren’t WE this DETERMINED especially knowing WE WIN….GOD WINS EVERY TIME? We should be BOLD, arrogant even.

I will leave you with this and I hope it burns a little and gets deep down in your heart, soul and MIND.

*Satan has a losing hand….every time.

*We have the trump ace….GOD.

*We need to believe these words and remind ourselves of them daily.

*Find peace in being FREE.

*The enemy knows no other language but to LIE.

*Only we can defeat ourselves.

*GOD and satan are NOT EQUAL.

*WE WIN….every time.

*God has never lost.

*God is never caught off guard or by surprise.

*God always has a plan and He knew you would face this on this day at this very moment….He also knows you will OVERCOME.

person standing on hand rails with arms wide open facing the mountains and clouds
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Read and reread these scriptures to help overcome…

John 10:10

John 8:38

Philippians 4:19 (read this in different versions to help sink in)

Romans 8 (yes this whole chapter!!)

If anyone needs more, please email me (jlimhoff@yahoo.com) and I can get more for you.

Buy some post its and put these where you can see them daily, hourly, etc….whatever it takes to believe it.


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