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Have you ever felt like you were unworthy of God’s love?  Unworthy of God’s forgiveness?  Unworthy of God’s grace and mercy?  Well, I have faced this feeling many times and in different ways.  I recently have been battling with feeling unworthy to say the name of Jesus.  This may sound simple but it’s not for… Continue reading Worthy?


Aunts & Uncles

Today, I'm speaking to all those that have children in their lives that are not their own.  For example, I have two boys that I love dearly and 4 biological nephews that I love dearly.  I also have several other "nieces & nephews" that are not biological in any shape of the word but I… Continue reading Aunts & Uncles

Encouragement, Faith

Build It & They Will Come….

A couple of years ago, I was going through a drastic life change.  I had left my job in January, it was almost April, I didn't have a new job and no prospects either.  At this point, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do.  I knew life needed to change for me and my… Continue reading Build It & They Will Come….

Encouragement, Faith


  Anxiety: Everyone describes anxiety differently.  To some it’s fear, worry, nervousness, but to others it comes in forms of panic attacks.  Either way, anxiety can be debilitating.  In the past few months, I have experienced stress and anxiety like I never had before.  Until just recently, I had never had such severe anxiety that… Continue reading Anxiety